About Us

Think360.ai is a full-stack Data Science and AI-focused firm, with a comprehensive 360-degree view of technology landscape, it is focused on creating innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies, advanced analytics, AI/ML, and mobile cloud computing.
Team at Think360 works with clients across India and a global scale — such as financial services, healthcare, oil and gas, and retail—to resolve their challenges related to data integration and insights management. The idea is to aid them to become data-driven differentiator in the marketplace.

Accelerating Intelligent Transformation

We partner with our clients at the intersection of data algorithms, technology and business to solve their most complex problems

Data is the true raw material for great business. We help companies establish, enrich and harvest the true value of their internal and external data assets and reach their desired business outcomes.

Workflow Designer
Design | Orchestrate | Comply

  • Design workflows and business rules.
  • Design workflows and business rules consumption.
  • Connect with data bases, tables, processes, etc.



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