Leveraged data and analytics to implement a technology solution to help a leading Indian pharma company manage scan alerts and minimize future revenue losses.


The client  has been receiving ~1k unsuccessful scan alerts daily (based on first half of June 2020 data).
Their current analysis mechanism is manual, and frequency is ad-hoc. events/losses by leveraging data, analytics and technology.
These unsuccessful scan result in loss of revenue—the client wants to minimize such events/losses by leveraging data, analytics and technology.
The client specifically wants an analytical solution that will—Track Alerts, Analyze—> Categorize —> Act , Assist in closure of alerts, Pro-actively alert for controllable issues, Reduce repeatable alerts.


The Proof of Concept (POC) was finalized with key stakeholders from the client’s team. They are:

  • evaluated current systems, processes and data for future analytics and solution development, review data dictionary, publish AS-IS report.
  • Selected hypothesis based on data availability; shared recommendations/ gap analysis to minimize unsuccessful scans, impact.
  • Performed ETL process and data tests on existing databases to develop master data assets and analytical data sets for use in the analysis.
  • Visualized key relationships/ insights for dashboard.
  • Established future roadmap for development of analytics solution and its requirements.


Successfully finalized hypothesis sets and used the analysis to categorize alerts, understand root cause and decide action items. Developed and shared future roadmap.