The Power of Think360.Rx Cloud-Based Technology Platform

Client Challenge

Our client, a prominent player in the specialty pharma industry, faced a critical market shift that rapidly impacted patient share and revenue. Following a competitive product launch, the company observed a significant reduction in patient share, prompting them to seek assistance in understanding the intricacies of the competitor’s sales and marketing strategy and activities. 

Our Approach

Our team was tasked with gaining a comprehensive understanding of the competitor’s approach, including the size of their sales force, key messaging, value proposition, and the behavior of Healthcare Providers (HCP) across specialties in response to key competitive activities. This involved a deep dive into market dynamics and competitor positioning. 

Strategic Insights

Utilizing our expertise, our Think360.Rx suite of tools, such as ALGO360, FLOWXPERT and AAMAZE, we not only analyzed the competitive landscape but also provided insights into how each HCP specialty responded to the competitor’s initiatives. This allowed our client to anticipate market trends, make informed decisions, and deploy a new Go-to-Market Model. 

Innovative Solutions

To address the challenges head-on, our team formulated a new sales and marketing strategy. To ensure market advantage, the client deployed our cloud-based ecosystem, Think360.Rx to serve as the new foundation for ongoing insights. To drive downstream speed to insight and ongoing quick-decisions at the corporate and sales force levels the client additionally deployed, AAMAZE reporting engine which is part of the Think360.Rx ecosystem. 


The implemented strategies, informed by in-depth competitor analysis and the power of our innovative technology ecosystem, Think360.Rx, the client was able to turnaround in their market position. The client not only regained lost patient share but also achieved sustainable growth. Think360.Rx continues to be integral in providing real-time insights, ensuring the client remains agile in a dynamic marketplace. 

Key Takeaways

This case study highlights the importance of strategic insight and technological innovation in navigating market shifts. By staying ahead of competitors and utilizing advanced tools, our client successfully adapted to changing dynamics, securing a strong position in the healthcare market.