For a pre-launch specialty drug, we created an EMR strategy to understand which doctors use what kind of EMRs (cloud based, practice maintained, or health system maintained) to prioritize EMR messaging and EMR tactics.


The client was launching a product for the rheumatology market and wanted to understand how they could effectively leverage EMR to better understand their target physicians.


The client wanted to know what kind of EMRs their target physicians were using for more effective messaging, availability in the billing system, and other tactics (like e-coupons, patient education). They also wanted to understand how to partner with different entities for better EMR based uptake once their product was launched.


  1. Using multiple data sources, mapped all the target physicians with the vendors of the EMR devices they were using
  2. Created detailed drill down capabilities at the territory/ regional level to support sales force
  3. Fielded primary research to understand who is responsible for updating EMRs and at what frequency
  4. Created a strategy to help the client prioritize whom to target for including the client’s product in their EMRs, based on whether the EMRs are cloud based, controlled by practice or controlled by health system


All targeted physicians were mapped to their EMRs along with the update frequency for the EMR.

The client received a prioritized list of EMR vendors to partner with for their product launch.